I like singing songs about the past...

...but that doesn’t mean I want us all to be dragged back into it.


I’ve spent a lot of time singing these old songs about women’s struggles and experiences, and while most of them are of another era, that era’s not feeling so far away anymore. These are trying, troubling times. You sign all the petitions, call your reps, donate what you can, but it never feels like enough.

To do my little part - from now until, well, probably through the next couple years - if you order a copy of my 2017 albumn “The Fairest Flower of Womankind” or the album T-shirt, I’ll contribute all of the proceeds minus shipping costs to two of my favorite pro-women (really, pro-human) organizations, Planned Parenthood and the Women’s Refugee Commission. Maybe it’s a little gimmicky, but hey, at least we can feel like we’re doing something against the wave of political insanity together.




T-shirt only: $15

Album only: $15
T-shirt & album combo back: $25

Here are the sizes still available:
Unisex - 1 S, 2 M, 1 L
Ladies - 2 M, 2 L

Order online through Bandcamp.


Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, right?