The Ivy Leaf Returns!

Almost ten years ago, I talked my friends Dan Accardi, Caroline O’Shea and Armand Aromin into being an Irish band with me, and we called ourselves The Ivy Leaf. A couple years (and not all that many gigs) later, we recorded an album, which was not only our first as a band but also a first for all of us as individuals. Listening back to it now, I’m pretty proud of what we pulled off with what seems to my current self like so little experience and knowledge!


In 2016, Caroline moved to Ireland to pursue graduate studies and we officially added Benedict Gagliardi to our line-up. It’s only taken us another three years to finally sit down, arrange some music, and record some videos to show off this iteration of ourselves! We still play a lot of Irish instrumental dance tunes, but we’ve added in a heaping helping of American, Scottish and English songs, and we’re dangerously close to having free-reed instruments take over the entire band - I’m the lone holdout who still only plays stringed instruments!

We don’t have any big plans in mind at the moment, but for now, I’m just looking forward to spending more time playing bouzouki and singing harmonies with these three. But stay tuned! Maybe I’ll be able to talk them into recording an album with me in 3-4 months again, like last time.