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Mule Deer Media

Q:  What types of events do you perform for?

A:  As a solo performer, I find my playing and singing style is particularly well-suited to:

As a duo with my husband Jordan Santiago, our more dynamic combination of mandolin/fiddle and guitar works well for all of the above, as well as for larger or more festive events like:

  • Cocktail hours

  • Parties (birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc.)

  • Corporate events

DJ Service:  For smaller weddings, I'm also happy to “DJ-lite” after my performance! I'm by no means a replacement for a real DJ, but occasionally I've stuck around after performing so a couple could rely on me for my sound system to run a playlist, field requests, and make announcements. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in when you get in touch.


Q:  Do you only play solo?

Nope! As mentioned above, I also perform with my husband Jordan (mandolin/violin). He can join me on any of my solo repertoire heard here, plus we have a constantly growing repertoire of Irish jigs, reels & hornpipes, bluegrass fiddle tunes, country songs, and more. Especially if you want live music for a longer booking (2+ hours), I highly recommend booking us as a duo for a much more varied, entertaining performance.


Q:  Do you have your own sound equipment?

A:  Yes! I use a Bose tower for gatherings such as cocktail hours and parties of 100 people or fewer, as well as a larger PA that works better for 100-150 person groups. For smaller parties and for ceremonies, I have a battery-powered guitar & voice amplifier (it can also be used in locations like beaches and parks where there is no access to power). For a nominal fee, I can provide an additional wireless handheld mic and speaker for your officiant.

Deborah Zoe Photography

Deborah Zoe Photography

Q:  Do you take requests?

A:  Most couples and clients find I have plenty to choose from on my repertoire lists, but I'm happy to take 1 special request per event (2 might be possible depending on the songs and the time of year), learned and arranged just for you. Songs can even be tailored and customized! All special requests are subject to my discretion, so I encourage clients to tell me before booking what they might have in mind.

I'm also happy to accompany a friend or family member who wants to sing as part of your event.


Q:  Do you play for LGBTQ ceremonies?

A:  Of course!

Q:  We're still looking for an officiant/DJ/videographer/etc. Do you have any recommendations?

A:  Sure do! Here are some of the great folks I've worked with and highly recommend. Many of the photos in my wedding section come from various amazing New England wedding photographers - be sure to hover over them to see who snapped the shot!