Lindsay Straw


Boston-based singer, guitarist, and Irish bouzouki player Lindsay Straw is an interpreter and arranger of traditional and contemporary songs from the British Isles and America, an accompanist for traditional Irish music, and an award-winning wedding and private event entertainer. She performs in a wide variety of settings and venues around New England and beyond. With the help of Club Passim's Iguana Grant, she released her second solo album, "The Fairest Flower of Womankind", in April 2017.


"With a voice as bold and beguiling as the songs she chooses, Straw carries the torch of traditional folk music with striking elegance and a fierce breath of originality"

Triad City Beat

"A voice! By turns husky and sultry, clear and bright, controlled and dreamy; with hints of Cara Dillon and Geraldine Hollett..."

The Living Tradition

"Hard to understand how a young woman can interpret so implicitly the rich old music of an era hundreds of years before her time. Yet, here she is - almost a reincarnation of many of the female singers who carried on this tradition."

- No Depression