Irish Band Bookings

I love teaming up with my bandmates in The Ivy Leaf for gigs as often as possible, whether that be for a St. Patrick's Day concert or party, a wedding, a Christmas show, or an event any other time of the year.

Wedding Bookings

There are countless Irish waltzes, airs, and other slower tunes that make beautiful processionals and bridal marches. A few samples are available below. For recessionals, a fast-paced reel or jig is a perfect choice, and again, the possibilities are endless. To give you a starting point, The Ivy Leaf album has some tune sets that other couples have used for recessionals, such as tracks 1, 5, 9 (starting at 2:15), and 11. 

Additionally, just about any melody, whether it be from a folk song or even some contemporary songs, can be "Irish-ified" and played by an Irish group (but keep in mind that we don't generally play pop music and the bulk of the performance will still be traditional Irish tunes). Another great place to get ideas and inspiration is from albums and YouTube videos of popular groups like Lúnasa or the Chieftains.

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