"She has the perfect ballad-singer's voice." - fRoots

"Straw’s melodic bouzouki and guitar-playing are as fluid and graceful as ever, complementing her distinctive singing." - Boston Irish Reporter

"A voice! By turns husky and sultry, clear and bright, controlled and dreamy; with hints of Cara Dillon and Geraldine Hollett, Lindsay Straw’s beautiful voice shines out in this delightful debut album . . . Lindsay’s obvious competence and the marvelous versatility of her voice will lead her to tackle a wider range of material in the future. There is much more to come from Lindsay Straw." - The Living Tradition

"Straw’s voice is gorgeous and is perfectly capable of carrying off the a cappella contributions . . . however, she is at her best when accompanied by her joyous finger­picking guitar style . . . My Mind From Love Being Free has finally announced Lindsay Straw onto the folk scene in magnificent style." ­- Bright Young Folk

"...delicate, broken balladry selected and arranged to emphasize lyrical gender empowerment." - Cover Lay Down

"...highly recommended for anyone who appreciates great ballads in a sparse and original setting." - Sing Out!